showreel 2009
Hope Foundation

InVision was asked to create a fundraising tool for the Hope Foundation, a local nonprofit organization that reaches out to drug addicted prostitutes and offers them pathways back to a normal life. An in-house creative brainstorming session revealed that the major hurdle would be making the subject matter relevant and personal to prospective donors, and this led to the concept of a timeline branching into many possible life paths but following one womanís path as it spiraled into a life of addiction and prostitution. The idea was to suggest that prostitutes arenít so different from the rest of us; that a combination of bad luck and bad decisions can quickly knock any person off their life path and into a dark place where they are trapped. This context set the scene to reveal the role of the Hope Foundation as one of the only sources of assistance for real people in a time of helplessness. This video received extremely positive attention during a recent promotional tour of the US.